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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 10 - Phnom Penh

Yesterday I met Lim, in charge of the Sobhhana Foundation . Showed him and his colleagues my work, and the AdBox website - they were impressed.

So maybe I've got a new client for them! Will meet them tomorrow to discuss.

Yesterday I rented a bike and thought it would be a cheap and easy way to get around. But I got a bit lost - wasn't very far away but it seems that people here don't travel much. Tried to get a tuk-tuk back - hadn't eaten and was really tired. But he refused! Said it was too far (it's about 8km away). How strange!

So I rode my bike back, had food poisoning (Craig was right. Not IF it happpens but WHEN it happens.) Took some pills and knocked out on the bed. My poor mum and dad were so worried - I'd messaged mum with my new local number but she hadn't received the message - so she was still calling my Singapore line. Sorry mum & dad!

Woke up at about 3am, went out to the riverfront and watched the stars. A guy working in the hostel named Somala came to chat with me. He's 24, trying to work and earn some money so he can go to university, so he can become a minister and fight the corruption in the Cambodian government. His mum is poor and in the village, he has siblings and has to work to support them and himself. He's such a smart boy. Was smoking a joint and asked if I wanted some. I said no, and he said I'm sorry and I said it's okay. He said that he's got nothing to look forward to and that's why he does crazy things - I told him there are far worse things he could do. He said he was a bad person, I told him that he was really nice and a very good person.

You're from Singapore, he said. Everyone in Singapore is rich, and you're so lucky. My name in Khmer means Lucky. But you're the lucky one, not me.

I was glad that it was dark so he couldn't see my tears.


  1. hey girlie, next time you meet the guy, somala tell him he's right, you're the lucky one, but mostly bec you had the privilege of meeting him!Love you my retty retta.

  2. Get well soon Rett and i'm sure you'll find some way of encouraging Somala, you're great like that :) And why were you so surprised the ambassador was impressed by you?! It's a given. You, your work and your vision are all wonderful! *Hugs*

  3. psst! my friend, you have a goldmine of resources already present in your writings of your blog that can potentially fill a book which can inspire others on their own journey of life, spiritually or otherwise ;-)

    later, you may want to check out www.blurb.com for that inspiration... :-)

  4. =) thanks Fr. Aloy, will check it out.

    I'm feeling much better now, think I'm getting used to the food here.

    =) good one, mama. love you too!