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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 13 - Walk In Faith

I've been living 2 lives - one in high society, one in the backpacker ghetto.
For 2 nights in a row I have had dinner with Uncle Roland and his friends.
Isn't it strange how a kid like me is hanging out with these people?
And they're actually interested in what I have to say.

Yesterday is a day I can write a book about.
After dinner with the Ambassador and his friends,
was supposed to head to Pontoon (a club. in Cambodia they still call it 'disco')
Was in a tuk-tuk, some guy came and asked if I needed a ride.
I said no, he snatched my phone ran off and hopped on a motor cycle.
So there went my phone.

Next day I woke up,
Was supposed to head to church,
then to Mother Theresa's Orphange.
Got a ride to church, couldn't find it,
was sent to a Baptist church, then a Lutheran Church,
then an Anglican Church.
I can start a Cambodia Church tours company.
Was finally sent to this place where there was a chapel -
turns out it's Mother Theresa's home!

I was tired, hungry and very thirsty.
A sister told me to go to the chapel and pray for 3 graces.
She said they'd come from my heart.
I went in and on the wall was Jesus on the cross and two simple words
- I thirst.
I spent an hour in there and thought about what I needed.
I asked for 3 graces: patience, humility and truth.

I went back to shower and change and head out to find a new phone.
Was walking out and decided to take a motorcycle.
Got to the stop and realised I left my wallet in the hostel.
The rider got lost - didn't know where he was going.
It started to rain and I still hadn't eaten.
We spent 2 hours on the road just trying to find a place.
Everyone we asked somehow didn't know where we were going.
(Lakeside is the Backpacker's area - everyone knows where it is).
Finally found someone who told him the way - the exact same thing that I told him.
He yelled at me and said that he didn't trust me.
When I came back with my wallet to pay him he said, I'm sorry.
I said I'm sorry too.
We both burst out laughing.

Grace 1 - Patience.

So now I had to get to a place called Open Wine.
In my haste I forgot to bring enough cash and only had 5,300 Rhiel - US$1.20
Found a guy who said he'd bring me there.
He dropped me at Royal Palace.
Didn't know where to go.
Walked around for an hour.
My new phone is from China and by default was in Chinese.
No money, no phone, no idea where I was.
Took a motocycle to Open Wine.
Arrived to a table of high society people and asked for a dollar to pay for my ride.

Grace 2 - Humility

Called mama this morning.
Had the best talk of our lives.
Didn't realise how many people read this blog.

Grace 3 - Truth

And so now I walk in faith.


  1. What a glorious Easter my girlie.
    Alleluia! HE is risen and HE walks with YOU!!

  2. shit man u actually had ur phone stolen.