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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 14 - Snatched Again

Last night my bag got snatched again.
I lost my debit card.
All my money.
My new phone.
My SG SIM Card.

Could be worse,
didn't lose my passport, ipod or camera.

This morning I had to call Ambassador Eng and ask for money.
I'm trying to stay positive but I feel awful.
I know these are all lessons but maybe I'm not strong enough for this.
I'm alone in a 3rd world county with no money except some that i borrowed.
I've lost my phone and all your numbers.
I've lost my debit card and have to wait 2 business days to receive one and 2 business days to send back the registration slip.
I have nothing.

Maybe God's trying to take everything away from me to show me that all I need is him.
But, God, where the bloody hell are you?


  1. Oh no! STAY POSITIVE RETT! I am sure everything will work out fine.

    Yi Han

  2. oh no. :(

    I wish I could send you some $$

  3. Yes indeed my girlie, being tested to the max. But also be aware of your own trusting nature.God said trust in HIM not humans. I've told you before everyone is going to let you down at some point, me, dad, noelle, family, friends and now the people of cambodia. But HE remains faithful! Love you so much my girlie.

  4. hey retta, don't despair..
    hope today has been kinder on you.

  5. Aiyoh! You are really being tested, aren't you? But, you are one strong & brave lady, not to worry. As Mum says, don't be too trusting of people, OK? God will always be there & you will be fine. Please take care, OK? Love your pics & comments!
    A. P:ix

  6. Im sure it will all work out in the end. Things happen for a reason, tho most of the time we have know freaking idea what they are. And I'm sure you will make it through. You have gone further than most ppl.....


  7. Rett you are so incredibly brave. I'm so thankful that you have valuable contacts to help you out. I'm always praying for you.

    Hang in there dearie.