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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 15 - Finding Work

Thanks for all the support guys, I'm feeling much better now.
It's just money, it's just a phone, the material things in life are not important.
Lesson learnt.

The past few days have cured my homesickness a bit.
Mum's coming today!
I really can't wait.

I'm goring to stick around here for a while.
Uncle Roland has some work for me and some people I met told me to go for Phnom Penh Post - Maybe I can finally do some journalism in a place that isn't so controlled by the government.

Made some new friends - 2 boys from Australia - Jacko and Ricky.

Poor Jacko slipped and fell yesterday and got his head split open. I brought him to the hospital where he got 4 stitches.

Mostly I've been hanging out at Moskito Bar where I met Ben.

That's him fast asleep after a late night.
There's a party there on 5th May, Tuesday.
Can't wait!

Then today I met a girl from England, Mei, who's working here.
Then I met Chris who asked if he could meet the ambassador.
He does international relations so we might work something out.
I seem to be quite the person to meet.
Imagine that!

I have to apologise for thinking that God has forsaken me.
He really hasn't.
He was just testing me.
I hope I did okay.

Anyway, Mum's coming, yay!

Love to all you guys - I'd be nowhere without all of you.

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