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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 2 - War Remnants Museum

Today I woke up feeling rather wonderful. Think the Larium is wearing off, I only woke up and rushed out to see if it was raining and if there were floods. My roomates must think I'm rather strange!

Went for lunch at a lovely place next to my hostel and went to see some people at Soza cafe, where I was supposed to meet some contacts. But they didn't seem to know what I wanted or who I was looking for, so I decided to head to some museums.

I set off for the War Remnnants Museum. I got led all over the place and quite lost -I eventually found it at about 3.30pm. And so I went in. And it was very overwhelming and sobering. I have never seen the atrocities of war in this way.

And it broke my heart to see actual evidence of what we are capable of doing to each other.

Countries of the war reporters who got killed.

Some of the reporters who were shot.

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