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Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 3 - Saigon

Today I decided to head to the War Remnants Museum again - didn't see all of it yesterday. Also I wanted to see the Refunification Palace. But instead of a motocyle or trishaw, I thought I'd walk.

So I went for a big breakfast and set off into the wild (for real). Didn't think it was so far away! I walked and walked and walked and so many people gave me encouraging smiles. Motorcyles would ask, I send you? and I'd say, I walk. And they'd beam and say, you walk.

Perhaps when they were young, they also had to walk. There are so many things go see, it's really an off-course path. They seemed to be so amazed by me, like they'd never seen a foreigner before. All the kids ran out and waved and it warmed my heart.

By 5.30, I knew I was near, but I didn't know how near. There were still people around - but it was getting dark, and I was afraid. I though I'd have reached the river by now, which would be full of tourists.

A family came up to me and asked where I was going. I showed them on the map and they said no, I had to go back home. And I knew this already. Exhausted by the day-long journey and upset with not being able to arrive at Saigon River, I burst out in tears. I set off at12pm, it was now 6pm. I'd been walking the whole day.

They hugged me and said we'll get a cab - and then, they gave me all their money. My heart broke into a hundred million thousand pieces. I have money, I said, and I showed them. They asked me where I was from, Singapore, I said, and they were so excited. They even helped me write my hostel address in Vietnamese.

The cab came and I had to run for it without saying goodbye, they don't stop for long. The ran after me, shouting their goodbyes. Kam em, Kam em, is all I could say as I hopped on.

It is the journey, not the destination.
And my heart is in love with the people of Saigon.


  1. people of vietnam sounds so amazing! I'm so glad that you have met all these great people on your adventure...have fun and be safe!

    - Jinga B.

  2. Beautiful.
    Take care on your adventure, Abigail! :)


  3. That "Experience" alone was worth the days walk.

  4. Jinga - yup I'll stay safe!

    And it sure as hell was.