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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 4 - Saigon

Had the best day yesterday - finally got to chat with my roomates, Jinnit (sp?) from London and Cameron from Australia. This is great because... they're going to Phnom Penh on Monday as well! They were actually leaving tonight, but decided to extend another day to Monday. Also, I have someone to show me around when I get to London!

We headed up to the balcony and talked all night. It's like family, all the boys are walking around in their underwear. It's so cute, like temporary brothers I never had!

Woke up and did my laundry - finally understand why my daddy keeps doing laundry. And I had to do it all by hand, so it was even more exciting!

The plan was to have breakfast, find a ride to the Saigon river, stop on the way to find the family who helped me yesterday, give them some money and supplies, and thank them. I found Thank, a really good rider, who was very fluent in English. At first he was really angry and said I was wasting his time - he had never been so far North before! After I explained, he said that I had a very kind heart. He said he had a very strong impression of me, and I came from Singapore, and a Vietnamese family helped me, and now I'm going all the way to find them.

He said it's impossible to find them, there are so many lanes in the village, and I don't know which one I was on. He shook my hand and said, take care on the streets, and call me when you come back, maybe we can try to find them again. It was a pleasure meeting you.=)

Then I got back to the hostel, had some dinner, and hung out at the Go2 bar. It was so strange - there were men everywhere, hoards of white businessmen, lonely travelers, black men who were creating trouble. Every girl in the bar got picked up. And no one spoke to me. And the quote, "not a hair on her head shall be touched" came to mind.

The bartenders were chatting with me and they were very excited to talk to me. Was a bit lonely as I wouldn't have minded a conversation, and the 2 boys were off somewhere else. Then a South Korean guy, Daniel, introduced himself - said I was very brave to go around by myself. He asked if I wanted a game of pool, and I said I couldn't play (it's true).

Stayed a while for the wonderful music (britpop and rock & roll) before heading back to my room. With such an awesome day, went straight to bed, and woke up now, in time for church.


  1. Oh my girlie, boys in underwear? Haiyaz!!I do believe HE is there with you all the way, and will not let anyone touch a single hair on you.love you girl.

  2. This just gets better and better.