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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 6 - Saigon

In an hour I leave for Phnom Penh. I'm so excited about this - there is where all my opportunities are! Got Mr Roland's number and will call him once I get there.

Last night went out with the roommates - they're a really nice bunch. Went out for drinks at Go2 cafe, then were supposed to head to this Reggae festival, but were too tired.

And the best part is, they're coming to Singapore! And then I'm going to Europe. So I have one friend in Holland, a lovely girl called Sarah-Liz, who i spent the night chatting with, and 2 friends in Australia and England, Cameron and Greg, who are 18 and a bit silly but such nice boys. Too bad the one from London is the one I can't stand. He's the most obnoxious person I ever met.

He treats the people on the streets like rubbish. And I take offense as an Asian.He didn't know The Clash and he called them The Trash. We went to a cafe and the menus were right there, and he waited for the waitress to pass them over. They're right there, I told him. And he said - they should be passing it to me.

And he was getting upset saying he was so hungry, and he hadn't eaten since yesterday morning. Well, who's fault is that?! I said. Your food is here so shut up and eat. This was to much cheers and applause from the rest.

And then he said that everyone should have an iPhone and that the rest of us (all using Sony Ericsson) were living like cavemen. Urgh. And THEN he said that London was shit and that everything there was so cheap, and everything here so expensive.
I know! What an asshole. And bear in mind, this is not some ang moh. This is a great big fat indian laddoo.

Anyway, I'm off to pack, bus leaves in an hour! Farewell, Saigon, and thank you for having me. Into the wild of Phnom Penh!


  1. Oh ladooo, ladooo, he should have known better than to mess with THE RETT! or the people she has a great affinity to, i.e the people in the sevice industry and the natives of any land she treads. To phnom penh then!!

  2. rett i just tendered :( happiness :)

    hope to bump into u somewhere. haha have fun...


  3. HAHAHA! The sole purpose of Ladoo's time in Saigon must have been having the privilege of meeting you!

  4. Great reading about your tour,though I won't be seen doing the same unless I see manyx2 KGCs& Burger Kings along the way.Love U.Brian.

  5. What is the Ladoo guy doing backpacking? He sounds like he just got lost and ended up in the wrong country...

    So glad you are safe, and can't wait for your return!

    Yi Han

  6. Ma- Ya, that's why. Now they know. hehe.

    Mervyn - Score! I meet you on the roads my friend - it's been only a week but already I have learnt so much.

    Yi Han - Yah I know! Don't know what he's doing here.

    Uncle Brian - Love you too! So glad you're reading my blog.

    Jun - Must be. Lucky guy, got to meet me. hahahaha.