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Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 9 - Phnom Penh

I really love where I stay. It's so cheap and so beautiful. Went for drinks last night with Uta and her friends, Ben and Flo. I meet so many awesome people. Today I head to meet Lim from the Sobhhana foundation, and then to the Killing Fields.

I'm missing home so much but I love being out here. I'm seeing things in such a different perspective.

I see people for what they are.
I see myself for who I am.
I journey, I search, I find, I seek truth.
I question, I doubt, I pray.
I hate, I love, I care, I hurt.
I violate, I calm, I wish, I want.
I stop, I feel and I break.

I see, I touch, I write and I dream.
I hold and I save and I trust and I'm betrayed.
I judge and I learn and I teach and I see.
I read and I hold and I throw and I cherish.
I scream and I know and I think.

And I think therefore I am.

I am.


  1. You look great girlie.Such a profound profession of life!The pix of the natives are so soulful, I feel like I am there.
    Love you and miss you so much.

  2. I wonder if your the 1st person to ever wear a Ramones t-shirt in Phnom Penh? LOL

    It is 6:52a here in NY. Having my coffee & checking up on you before I head to work.
    Hope day 11 is as exciting as the rest.