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Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Place Called Vertigo

After my blissful afternoon feeling like I was Aldous Huxley on Mescalin, everything was going on as normal. Was tired but looking forward to the night ahead where I'd be meeting Jeremy, who's my uncle's neigbour in Perth.

I met him and told him I was going up to my room to get my stuff. A while later, I found myself on the floor, totally knocked out. And there were all these people around me. And I had no idea who they were. I didn't know who Jeremy was, though I had just met him, and I didn't know who my uncle was.

It was the worst feeling in the world. And suddenly I remembered everything.

There's a queue for the computer, to be continued.


  1. Oh my goodness Rett, I got so worried just reading this post! Thank God you're off those awful meds. Glad you're surrounded by nice people though :)


  2. Ok I know I am 4days late on this but I just set aside some time to see what you have been up to. And well.... omg?! Hell of an arrival. Good to know your ok though.