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Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 23 - So much for miss Independent

Today was supposed to be an exciting day -
head to Sobhhana foundation, discuss the website with Lim,
get a quotation, start work.

Was hanging out with Ricky and Jacko for breakfast.
Jacko told me that there was an accident at home and two of their friends drowned by driving into a lake - We all know people who have died from someone DUI. When will everyone learn?.
Realised it was time to go, so I brought my stuff back to the room, couldn't carry everything so I left my phone there for a moment.
I was in a rush but I felt so much for them - I know what it's like to lose friends especially at such an early age.
So I wrote them a note meant to be slid under their door - telling them I know how hard it is, but that no lives are lost without reason and they are in a better place.

When I got back they were there, but my phone was gone.
Jacko had gone to him room and Ricky had just come from the room.
That means about 2 seconds that my phone was unattended to.

Asked the reception but they didn't know anything.

Came to Sobhhana Foundation anyway (I still left the note under their door.)
Lim couldn't believe what had happened.
Sent one of his colleagues to go to the guest house, they still said they didn't know anything.
But I think I know who it is - there was a guy behind the counter and something just told me that it was him.

Don't know if I can get my phone back.
I'm trying to remain strong but this is the third time it's happened.
Whether it's in the safety of my guest house where my friends are, the dangerous streets of Lakeside, the safe district of riverside, you're never really safe.

And had I not stopped to write the note about their lost friends, this wouldn't have happened. A lesson learnt for me - there are more important things that can be lost.

If I hadn't bothered to write the note, everything would be fine.
Maybe that note has more meaning than I realise.

Hey Jacko & Ricky,

I'm so sorry to hear about your friends.
I know what it's like to lose friends and how hard it is. But know that no life is lost without a cause - everything happens for a reason. I don't know what your beliefs are but I'm sure they're in a better place and you'll meet them in the next life.

We don't always understand why things happen but have faith that everything that happens, happens for reasons beyond our understanding. Again, I'm so sorry about your friends.

with my love,

(Dez, see how your comment to me about getting my bag snatched has spread to 2 poor boys who have lost their friends?)

Now I'm at Sobhhana Foundation waiting for Mr Roland.
Since I got here late because of the lost phone, the meeting has been delayed til tomorrow at 9am. No phone, facebook is blocked on this laptop, so is MSN, and I just want to call home but I can't.

I'm feeling quite lost but I think I'm managing quite well.
Actually I'm quite surprised at myself.
I should probably be tearing my hair out by now.

Third time and I'm out, but I'm still on my way.
Yay for me.


  1. Dear tcc friend,
    don't despair, tcc-ers are all very proud of you (which is ME)

    stay strong k?

    with lotsa love, uppercuts, jagajagabee and kettle cooked jalepeno,
    WW ;)

  2. hey rett,

    some words of encouragement. tough times dont last tough men do! ride this out suavely!

    well if the stolen phone could potentially benefit a desperate men and his poor family, maybe then it will mean something. optimism prevails!

    (and i will be @ hcm in 20 days)

  3. yes indeed yay for you my girlie!

    Well spoken mervin that the phone could potentially help a desperate family.

    A light shines in the dark alleys of Lakeside!