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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 26 - Mothers' Day

The past day has been a whirlwind.
After settling my tab at the guest house, I realised I had no money left, so I went to the ATM.
Upon trying to withdraw money, the card was declined.
So I called DBS Bank, they said that my replacement card will be blocked for security reasons till Monday because it's a public holiday and then it's Sunday.

Which left me with no money at all - save for about $10 I had left.
Told Tom about it, he said mum could transfer money through Western Union.
So I called mum and told her - she told dad and he went out to find a Western Union so he could transfer money for me to live on until Monday.

Realised that Redz (Shila & Shaun's friend) was in Ho Chi Minh City and since I was so homesick and had nothing to do, I took a bus there to meet him. Didn't have his number or anything (since I lost all my contacts) but I knew whereabouts he'd be staying.

When I got to Saigon, I discovered something. It was Vesak Day - all the banks were closed. And I had spent all my phone credit to call DBS in Singapore. Which means I was alone in Saigon with no money, no phone.

I know it was bad planning on my part. (Guess I'm not as smart as I think I am.)

Anyway, I thought the best place to find a Western Union would be the airport. So I went there, no one knew what I was talking about. Asked every information desk alive but they all said there wasn't one.

So I sat there, outside the airport, crying my eyes out. The last thing I ate was lunch the day before so I was hungry. I had about $4 with me but I didn't dare spend it. Right then, two cab drivers came up to me, asking if they could help. I told them I needed a Western Union bank. They made some calls and told me they'd bring me there.

Told them that if I couldn't get my money, I couldn't pay them. No problem, they said.

So we found a Western Union bank, thank god there was one open. Then I realised Daddy had transfered the money to Phnom Penh, not to Ho Chi Minh. Again, my bad, I didn't make it clear enough that I was going to Saigon.

I just kept screwing things up!

So I called dad with the cab driver's phone. Told him I needed him to transfer to HCMC. The exasperation in his voice made me realise how bad things were for them at home.

Got my money, came to Bui Vien which is where I stayed when I was first here.
Mum called and gave me Redz's number.
We made plans to meet at Allez Booze Bar at 9. This was at 8.
So I went to Go2 bar (where I used to hang out when I was here) and reunited with my friends from the bar - they were all so happy to see me.

Met an old man named Mark and when I told him my story, he insisted on buying me dinner and gave me a wad of cash. I tried to refuse but he insisted, despite me telling him that I already had money.

He said he had done a lot of bad things in his life and he believes in karma - it's time for him to start doing nice things for people.

So then I met Redz (Mark came along, paid for the cab fare and we lost him after that. We didn't mean to!). I wouldn't have survived the day if I hadn't been able to meet someone from home.

We went to this Punk Rock Festival where I saw this band who does covers of my favourites - Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Clash - these names just keep popping up, how awesome is that!

Chatted with them after the gig and might do a story on them. They even said they'd be up for a gig in Singapore or in Phnom Penh.

Redz walked me back to my hostel. This was about 2am. We both weren't done with the night and ended up back at Go2 bar, having drinks and supper till 4am.

Mum and Dad, sorry to have caused such a mess!
I learn, I've learnt.

Today is Mother's Day.
I miss you mama, more than you can imagine.
Couldn't ask for a better mum than you.


  1. The greatest joy of my day has been that you will not be alone. That I can go through this day with peace of mind(after the faisco of yest). Tell Redz he made my day too. Love you and miss you my baby.

  2. Angels abound!!
    I thought the two guys who helped you at the airport must have been angels. Aunty pix's friend suggested that the family(in HCMC) who first told you that you had gone to far and to go back, may have been angels. And now old man Mark!! Hmmmmm what other connections you got?

  3. dearest rett babe...

    you are one of the strongest person i know. no doubt. don't let those tears fool you. you really are. i miss you.