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Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 30 - I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends

Met Wei-Shan for lunch today.
She brought me to this vegetarian place in Book Keng and I was secretly worrying about the price and at the end she said she was buying me lunch. How much do I love my friends?

Was heading to Tanjong Pagar where I'd try to get my hair cut. On the way back I messaged Mel to see if she was in the office - just felt like meeting her for a while. She was out for a meeting but I met Carlo (art director from AdBox) and Tuan (ex-Art Director from AdRed, the agency I was in before the company split) who were just coming back from lunch. It's so good to be home where you can randomly bump into people you know.

I was actually supposed to meet Maira at Orchard where we planned to meet Di for awhile. Went to Tanjong Pagar and found Kelly. She said she'd just been thinking about me yesterday and about how I must need a haircut by now and where was I?

Made an appoinment for Friday at 11:30 - she didn't think I'd be able to wake up in time, ha! In Cambodia I was waking up at 6.30 or earlier every morning. Here, it's about 8-9am. If only it had been this way when I was working!

Making my way to Orchard, I got a call from Sala (Maira's bf) who was in town for an interview. I waited for him and we went to Orchard to meet Maira. He shared with me some things that I'm sure he really needed to let off.

Hung out at Starbucks (again, something else I miss) where we waited for Maira. Headed back home and met Shila at Eunos MRT. I love reuniting with my friends, I can't say how much they mean to me.

Went home and Shaun and Jun came over for dinner. I think it's great that my friends can hang out with my parents. Don't think there are that many people who have that. My parents were even supposed to come to Crazy Elephant with us - they'd love the band - but they were tired. Oh, well.

Met Di, Maira, Jinga, Hatta and Mervyn there. Was so glad to see the band again. They played a Clash song especially for me! After that we headed to Obar again.

I sometimes feel like everyone shares their problems with me and I always try to fix things.

By the end of the night, it was me who was being fixed by them. Everyone who I've met these past few days has told me that I'm not myself, or I look really troubled and down. I don't know what it is, I think it's the thought of leaving home again. Cried and told them my fears, my thoughts, my heartbreaks, everything.

I'm so glad I have friends like these.

Keep me in your prayers.

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