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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 31 - Gimme Shelter

Went for my haircut - Kelly's getting married in September and was asking for ideas for an outdoor photoshoot. She wants something different from the beach or the park. For some reason Mount Faber came to mind. I spent like half an hour trying to remember the name - once I remembered I told her and she got really excited.

After that I met Fi for a while since I was near her office - I'm trying to see my friends as much as I can while I'm here - then I met Mum for mass of the Cathedral. Stayed at home and then we went for Paul's play called Proof. It was really good. Cordelia was in it as well, so a lot of Mass Comm people were there. Met Jenny as well, great to see all these people again.

Caught up with Fadli and Mel Lim (she's a nice girl, I won't use that awful nickname)and she told me how great she thought what I was doing is. She said most people go straight to Uni or work, or both. That's pretty much what I did but I guess you have to take life in your hands and shake everything you can out of it (like what Craig said), which is what I hope to do, if I have enough courage to!

Met Paul after the play and went for a drink with some of his friends, who are all in their 40s and beyond. They thought I was bored but really, I was intriguied by their conversations about religion, politics and all sorts of things. Very different from the things I normally hear. I should hang out with old people more often!

On a side note, I know that some people think that I shouldn't have gone on this trip, or that my parents were wrong to let me go by myself. Know that there's nothing that could have stopped me. This is a journey I had to take, and it's one that has helped me find myself, find God, appreciate life, realise how great my friends and family are, touch the lives of friends and acquaintances, be touched by their (your) comments, there is so much that I have gained.

And for that I am so thankful to mum and dad for supporting me on this journey of truth.

And to everyone who has been journeying with me. I survived those 2 days without food and money but 2 days without your supportive comments would have been worse.

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  1. Hang out with old people??? 40 is not old. o_0