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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 32 - Freedom To Love

Had the best day with Mum & Dad yesterday. And everything was so impromptu!

Woke up and had breakfast with Daddy, then went for the 1pm Novena service. After that we headed to Newton and had brunch there, another thing I miss.

Realised how much I miss record hunting and went to the Thieves' Market at Sungei Road. The uncle was real happy to see me - I got 3 LPs and 2 LPs for $7! The normal price is actually $3 for an LP and $1 for an EP. Which means he charged me $2 for each album and 50c for each single.

I guess he really appreciates young people who buy vinyl.

Yi Han had told me about PinkDot.sg - the first pro-gay event held in Singapore, meant to gather and show support to the gay community here, which is very often discriminated against. So I asked mum and dad if they'd like to go - I wanted to stay for the whole thing and they said they'd come and check it out.

So we went - it was at Speakers' Corner. It was really great - we formed a big pink dot by standing in a circle and holding up pink umbrellas and ponchos. They took an aerial shot from a nearby hotel's rooftop and we sang All You Need Is Love.

There were dances from every culture like a Lion Dance, a Banghra troupe, a Malay hip-hop dance, and a group of very gay boys who were introduced as the Singaporean Malay Pussycat Dolls. Extremely entertaining.

I think this is a big step for Singapore - and the thing is, there were a lot of straight people there. And not just young people, those in their 40s and 50s as well. Even Mak Ciks in tudungs and all! Only a small article came out in the papers this morning - that's the Singapore press for you.

After that we went to the Opening of the Singapore Arts Fest. It's a free event, still on tonight so you should go if you read this before then (6.30 onwards at the Marina Barrage, and they're giving out free Coke Light).

There's this act called Helio 2 which has a huge grasshopper and some stilt-walkers. Now, stilt-walkers normally scare me but this time it was worth watching. Some great pre-opening acts as well.

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