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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 33 - Another Great Day

Today was another great day - things just keep getting better!

Went for mass at 915am then breakfast at Jago Close. Was very upset to find that my favourite Sarawak Laksa stall has closed! Chatted with Uncle Adrian and Aunty Sue and it was quite amusing to hear all the church politics.

Went to KCBC (Katong Catholic Book Store)to look for a present for Tyler, Dez's new baby. It's his baptism today and I'm glad I'm home for it!

Headed home where I updated this blog and sent some emails out. While I was away, 2 DVDs had come in the mail though I already cancelled my hollywoodclicks account. So I watched Paul McCartney & friends concerts for PETA.

Now I have mixed feelings about PETA. I've read some awful things about them and think they're too extreme in making people feel bad about what they eat. Espescially how they try and brainwash kids. At the same time they're what turned me vegan, so.

Headed to the baptism and was so glad to see everyone. All went back to Dez's place after that and it was all good there. Spoke to Elliot who was working in Phnom Penh and is now in Ho Chi Minh City. Might be able to make more contacts with the Phnom Penh Post through him, have just sent him my resume. He told me I should consider working in Ho Chi Minh instead, even as a grown man he didn't feel safe in Cambodia.
But I'm quite focused on finding work in Cambodia, at least for a while.

Made plans with Tracy to take Godpa's dog out to the beach and Chewie says I should go check out his new pub at Arab Street. Seems me leaving has brought me closer to the people at home, which is great.

Everyone said they were proud of me but especially Lin, Aunty Sheila, Godpa and Tracy - their words will probably give me courage and support as I go on the next leg of my journey.

Fiona and mum were having a moment and Fiona told me some things about my mum. I'm so glad to know that others realise the strength and importance of her.

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