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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 36 - A Day at the Beach

Had a lovely day today - started of with a rather futile phonecall from DBS.

After that mum and I went for mass and then lunch at this great vegetarian place in Fortune Centre. Didn't realise the portions were so big so we had to bring half of it home for dinner.

After that we went to the beach - somewhere I haven't been for a long time - and just lay a mat on the sand and read. It's been so long since I've had the freedom and time to do something like that.

Rays of sun glittering on the water, the call of the sea beckoning, and you're just there with your book and your water. It's beautiful, you know?

Headed to town and met Di and Maira - the night didn't really work out but well, everything happens for a reason.

Came home and watched my first episode of this season's American Idol. Turns out it's the finale! I think that Adam guy will win.

Being away from home has made me realise the things I thought I needed, I don't really need at all. Like cable, watching movies, air-con, everything.

Expect my records, those I need. I wish I could bring them with me.

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