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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 37 - Sentosa Sun

Since my daddy is working at Sentosa, mum and I sent him to work and spent the morning on it's sunny shores. It's been a really long since I've been there and I'd forgotten how nice it was. To think it used to be an old haunted army camp!

Went for Mai's exhibition at La Salle - free dinner, free drinks, some amazing artwork.
It's on for a month, I think, so you guys (in Singapore) should go if you get the chance.

Met some friends from school for a fleeting 10 minutes before heading to Crazy Elephant.

Seth's band was playing and I brought mum and dad to see them. How cool is it that I can hang out at a bar with my parents and friends? They loved the band (I knew they would) and even plan on going when I've left.

Seth says he's planning a holiday to Phnom Penh - another friend who can help kill the homesickness!

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