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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 38 - Morning Swim

Went with mum for a swim yesterday - her friend has membership at this club.
It's actually been years since I've been swimming - forgot how fun (and sometimes therapeutic) it is.

Fi (my wife) had asked me if I wanted to come for this talk by a woman from Cambodia - she saves girls from the streets and brothels and puts them up in a shelter. The talk was great, this woman is such an inspiration, both to me and to the schoolgirls she was giving the talk to.

Managed to meet her after the talk - she gave me her card and I'll definitely go help out as soon as I get back to Phnom Penh - turns out the shelter is very near Lakeside!

And I love my wife for introducing me to this. =)

Met mum and Novena and headed to VivoCity for a dinner date with Dad. Went for drinks with Mel at Mel's Place and had an early night, came home at about 1.

Once I got home, I was overcome with restlessness and a bit of an empty feeling - I really needed company. So I messaged Mel and asked if she'd be up for another drink. We went to the beach and hung out on the breakwater where she was assaulted by a wandering cockroach who then proceeded the drink her Heineken.

Had great conversations about mothers, daughters, men, boys, work, God, everything.

We talked about the things we did in our teenage years and how much hurt they must have caused our parents, especially our mothers. I'm just glad I realised it sooner rather than later.

Kinda makes me really scared to have kids in the future though.

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