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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 41 - Keeping the Faith

Today was a good but really long day - went swimming in the morning with mum and her friend, Aunty May. I managed 14 laps which is quite an accomplishment with my cough and flu (it's okay, no fever, I haven't been Swined).

Hung out in the jacuzzi and made a few rounds on that foot acupuncture pebble thing - mum said it would help my flu.

We went to Uncle Nick (my mum's uncle)'s place bearing gifts of tea and chips (haha so English). His 2 helpers told me how they pray for me every night and are so happy to see me. It's great how I don't realise how many people are with me on my journey - now that I come back everything becomes clear.

Went to meet Daddy for dinner and am now at home waiting for one last night out with the girlies at oBar. I'm quite sleepy but I don't know when we can do this again.

Another thing, while I was volunteering at Mercy Relief, the guy in charge asked me to apply for a job in Vietnam - it would be working there for 3 weeks and then back to Singapore for a week, every month. Sounds ideal to me - so keep your fingers crossed that if it's meant to happen, it will.

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