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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 42 - Blame it on the alcohol

Alcohol is a dangerous thing.
It turns friends into fighters.
Soulmates into strangers.
Joy into distress.

But as always, I don't give up easy.
It's not that easy to make me not care about/give up on someone I love.
Maybe it's for this reason that I've been through so much this past month - so that when something bad happens, I'm all up for fighting to see it through.

I wonder, if I care so much about my friends, if I ever have kids, how much more can I possibly care about them? It's a scary thought.

I have the will to survive,
I cheat if I can't win.
If someone locks me out,
I kick my way back in.

Hate and War
- The Clash


  1. Loretta,

    Can't for the life of me workout how face book works. Gave up trying to post you messages cause they just didn't want to go through. Wondered why I didn't get a response from your email address in April. Maybe you don't use it anymore. I love the way you describe your journey and how you continue to describe your life with such poetry full of depth and meaning and gratitude even after your trip. It is great to have had Aunty Olga come and see you even if it wasn't under the best circumstances. She got to share the exprience of the places you were staying. And yes don't you just hate it when your flight is not properly called over the PA sysytme at airports. Anyway your Mum and Dad must have been over the moon to see you back. Yes I remember arriving in Singapore after flying to India and reflecting the same things you mentioned. Hard to put into words. Hope you get the job in Veitnam. I look forward to seeing your photos and hearing your stories in more detail when I come to Singapore again.Oh yes taste your vegetarian meals. A surprise visit no doubt! Cheers from Maya

  2. I don't know what I did right this time but I think this post got through! I just can't remember how I just did it. I'll try again!
    Tell me if you got it. My email is iam@clearmail.com.au