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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 43 - More trouble than it's worth?

As I said on facebook, everyone who's on the first Singapore N1H1 Flu victim's case should shut up and sit down. If you have a problem, it should be with SMU for sending the students there, not with that poor girl. Seriously.... Unbelievable.

Not that I'm glad more people are ill but it's good that there are more victims now - then all these stupid people will stop attacking this poor girl for bringing the virus into Singapore - as if it wouldn't have happened some way or another.

The stupidity of people really amazes me - today in the papers there's an article about contraception - apparently many Poly and ITE students think that pre-ejaculation doesn't contain sperm and that doing a 'sperm dance' (some sort of jumping around to get rid of sperm in your body) prevents you from getting pregnant.

Now first of all, how can they be so misinformed? And secondly, it really upset me that they only interviewed ITE and Poly students. What about the JC kids? Wow, there has been so much argument about the quality of polytechnic education and in just on article they ruin it all by saying that poly kids do sperm dances to prevent getting knocked up.

Thanks, The New Paper, you really know a lot about good reporting, huh?


As the date of my departure draws near, feelings of excitement and dread overcome me.
While it's probably clear to everyone by now that I thrive on adventure and am fueled by wanderlust, it's more than clear to me how much I need my family and friends.

Sure, I found independence I wasn't aware I had, but it's not easy to be on the road by yourself all the time. I guess I've forgotten that I'm never really alone - met so many awesome people while traveling. And not to forget that guy up there of course.

I guess it's good that it's so near to home so anytime I feel like it, I can come home.

Yesterday I went to vivocity to meet Mum's friends for a while and then went on a date with Daddy. We went to this Spanish restaurant and had a great time - I love how I've grown closer to some (including both my parents) since my return.

After that we went to Modestos for dessert with mum and her friends - I worked at this restaurant when I was 16 so it was nice to see some of the old staff. They were quite surprised at how much I'd changed and couldn't believe I was 21.

It was nice to see mum with her girls - although there were some parts of the conversation I really wish I hadn't heard and am still trying to erase from my mind! - they said they'd been praying for me and asked me not to stay at Lakeside anymore.

I don't know - there was a Canadian guy who was stabbed and robbed - that was at Riverside, a more high-end place. It really just isn't safe anywhere you go! I guess if I get a job there, I'll rent a cheap place and make sure its' in a safe location.

I don't know - so many decisions to make.
When to go back, how long to stay, when to next come home, when to go to Siam Reap, where to volunteer, where to work.

I'm kinda really outta sorts.

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