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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back Home Again

After a long time, Sheelz and I finally returned home for a good night out.

Not as good as it used to be but still had some good songs. Plus, it's the only place you can go ape shit on the dance floor by yourself and not have anyone give you strange looks.

There was a guy with a flower behind his ear having the time of his life alone on the dance floor - and you just kinda think to yourself, only in Home club - the glamorous underground, they call it.

For the most part of next week I'll be running a stall at the Riverside Timbre flea market - a journey through music from the 70s til now. Juan told me about it and it's perfect, I have a lot of stuff to sell and surely money needs to be made.

Anyway even if I don't even break even (its $120 for 5 days) the atmosphere and live bands and whole concept will pretty much make it worth it. Gonna sell some of the records I collected along the way that never get played - I hope they find a warmer home. Clothes, CDs, some posters, hope it all sells.

Speaking of money, i got a call from my insurance agent anddddddd.

I'm getting $400 for my numerous robbings. Yay! Wasn't expecting any at all because I only reported the theft a few days after it happened - should have been within 24 hours. I even got $100 for my lost phone which I didn't have a receipt for.

So all is looking well. My penniless writer plans can be put on hold for a bit.


  1. The Amazing Adventures of Rett and her mobile phones. A little cash reimbursment is especially nice when it is not expected.

  2. eh can teach me how to claim? i also want $400! hahaha

    anyway great to hear things are good in singapore for u. i miss being familiar with things. when we are both back in singapore we can go ohhhhhhh square roomssss...