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Monday, June 22, 2009

Brand New

After 5 years, I have finally gotten myself a new laptop. Well it's actually 2nd hand but it may as well be new, still under warranty and everything. One of the guys trying to sell me another laptop said it was too small and just for kids. Really? Perfect, I thought to myself.

Was eying her anyway, it was between Eee PC, HP Mini 1000 and Aspire One. And another brand called MSI which sounded the best of the lot, but the place where I fix my laptop was selling this one, so I bought it coz of Jerry. (it's really funny the 2 guys who run the shop are called Ben & Jerry).

Awesome service, bring your stuff here if it needs repair or if you need a 2nd hand computer.

so here she is, the new Asus Eee PC.

I even bought a new skin for her (to protect her pretty face and prevent myself from covering her with stickers just yet).

But before we move on, let's have a moment of silence for my old friend. It's rare to come by such a small laptop that lasts for so long. He was cool as hell, covered with my favourite stickers and has been with me through school, work, travels, everything. It was a sad decision indeed.

(this is minus some stickers that I saved)

Yesterday was fathers' day, we went out to the beach to join my Godpa for dinner - some of his friends came along and one was drunk, extremely annoying but quite amusing.

Enjoyed the sea breeze with the kids.

Me and my pretty little cousin, Farah. She plans to come to my flea market stall to buy some Gwen Stefani stuff, which you know, I obviously own. I told her I'll give her a No Doubt Cd to show her how Gwen Stefani USED to be the coolest girl on earth. (I'm sure the poor girl is very sick of this lecture by now, I've only given it about 500 times).

This girl, she always says the sweetest things to me without realising it. =)

All in all a good day, can't wait for the flea market this week!

To my Daddy, who has played a big part in my most awesome taste in music (hehe not shy), and surely where my ability to write came from, i love you daddy, Happy Fathers' Day!

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  1. As always, such beautiful words my girlie.