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Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 50 - pitstop

Made friends with some random tourists today. They were ordering lunch at Sim Lim Square and asked me about the food. We started chatting and turns out their friend is from Blackpool, where there's a music festival I hope to go to in August.

Recommended some places for them to go to (Thieves' Market, Crazy Elephant) and got the friend's email address so she can send me some info on Blackpool.

Later on I met another girl from Poland who was lost with a map - I wouldn't have done this in the past but I went up to her and helped her out, and she was really glad for it. I guess being a lonely and lost backpacker has made me really feel for people who are in the same situation.

Had dinner with Dad's side of the family today.
My aunt was telling us about her daughter and some stuff about school and I told them how I used to be not bothered about school either and was not at all driven except when I really had to be i.e 2 months before O levels.

And my aunt disagreed and said I was a very driven person and that it was obvious from what I've become. The best compliments always come when they're least expected. =)

Met Fi for awhile, kept her waiting for so long and I felt so bad. As mum says, always trying to do too many things at once. I'm so glad I have my wife.

Came home and read Charm's blog and was reminded of why I stopped reading it in the first place - I'm happy they're having such a great time there but it makes me sad too. Not them studying in Melbourne but of the closeness that they have while they're all there. But I guess I wouldn't give up the friendships that have grown here in that time that wouldn't have happened if I'd been anywhere else. The seafood gang, TCC friend, wifey, everyone. So, everything's good. =)

Sent an email to Jacko (Aussie guy from Phnom Penh) just to see how he was and tell him no hard feelings and all. I don't know, I was just prompted to, don't like having negative feelings with anyone. He said that Lakeside is being reclaimed and is filling up with sand faster than anyone can believe! This is really sad news - I'm glad I have lots of pictures by the lake because it really was a beautiful place.

Darling you got to let me know,
Should I stay or should I go?


  1. sorry we couldn't have that secret escapade yesterday :)

    tcc friend

  2. I am very confused about "your wife" situation. 0_o