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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Aaaand Iiii'm back in the wild

Left Saigon for Phnom Penh today. Was a 6 hour bus ride that led me to a very exciting discovery about myself... I no longer suffer from motion sickness!

Indeed, it is true. This girl, the one who used to be overcome with nausea on a 30 min bus ride on the perfectly paved streets of Singapore, who bought lots of motion sickness tablets, has now been miraculously cured from this sick disease.

What's even more remarkable, I read on the bus. All the way through. Yes, it's true,I went on the slightly bumpy 6 hour journey from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh with my eyes peeled to the Life of Pi. Not a hint of nausea. Yay!

Am so glad to be back here. Everyone remembers me. Not all of them know my name (some know me as Hey Ho Let's Go! coz of my Ramones shirt) but people were coming out of bars and guesthouses saying, you're back! And giving me great big hugs.

I really love the people here. It's truly a home away from home. Especially happy to see me was the lady from the internet cafe that I am now at, who consoled me after my numerous robbings.

Got my backpack back from Tom, I have never been so happy to see inanimate objects before. By that I mean tees - Ramones, The Clash, Sex Pistols, SummerSonic, Beatles, wheeeeeeeeee! I just basked in their beauty for a few minutes after unpacking.

I don't know if it's the place or me, but it feels so much safer now. I guess everywhere has its dangers and its safety. Like the last time I was in Ho Chi Minh, drinking with a friend at Go2 Bar, he asked why a policeman, in full uniform, was selling a bag of weird stuff to the bartender.

Ah, my friend, I knowingly replied, you have just witnessed what happens to confiscated marijuana in these areas. I've become so used to such things that it's no surprise, even to my innocent Singaporean eyes.

Have been doing some writing - unpaid work but don't we all just wanna get published - one for a vegetarian e-zine and one is a new section I pitched to youth.sg. So I'm doing a travel guide for them for every country that I visit.

Was a bit worried as I haven't written in a while but here are the replies I got:

I'm looking at your article. You've even got links to all the
places! I have no major changes, just a few minor edits. Thank you for
such an awesome job!

Thanks for the article! It's very well written. Will let u know when we publish it online! :)

Much, much needed, after not writing for so long. Can you feel me beaming all the way from here?


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  2. Yay rett! you're a great writer and you'll always be one :) No more motion sickness! Praise God! And I'm so happy that everyone remembers you. Continue spreading your love and positivity! *hugs*