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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Angkor Beer - My Country, My Beer

Had another great day today - we made it on our cycling adventure!
Yes, it's true, I cycled more than 80km today. Very sore, very tired, very bruised (the bike seat was too high so I very unglamorously fell off a few times) but verrry happy and satisfied. It's a wonderful feeling, to go on such a difficult adventure and reach the end, hell yes!

Dropped in to the Cambodia Landmine museum, this guy who used to be a child soldier in the Khmer Rouge and planted mines, upon realising what was truly happening, joined the other side and now hunts landmines. It really is sad to see so many people with missing hands or legs - the result of long-forgotten landmines. Bought some stuff from the shop, it all goes to kids who are affected by disability or landmine victims. A sad thing to note - there was a list of 13 countries who still produce this type of mines, and here I am thinking what lousy, good for nothing countries are these, and then I see, right there, Singapore. seriously disappointing.

But anyway, hats off to the guy who founded the whole thing.

Rushed (on wheels) for mass at this lovely wooden church. Divine intervention I'm sure, I took a wrong turn and was 10 minutes late - the priest was late and the service started 10 minutes late; I was just in time! His sermon was about the poor and giving all we can. According to his statistics, more than half of Cambodia lives on less than $1 a day.

A visiting missionary from Korea shared a story about a little girl who witnessed her mother gang-raped by soldiers, and how she's never smiled since. So many things to be sad about. =(

this trip has really made me feel like I'm living in the past - buying fruits from roadside stalls for 50c, cycling everywhere, it's great. Found this stall selling mini-watermelons which we split and shared. ah, the simple pleasures of life!

An early night tonight, tomorrow will be another long day!

At Angkor What?

A drinking game that Mervyn taught me and Olivia (new travelmate from Sydney) that we kept winning him at, hehe.

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  1. Is losing the game why Mervyn looks so flushed or is it form the sun or both!!!
    Your refreshing smile always completes the picture.