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Friday, July 10, 2009

Angkor What?

Just got back from Angkor Wat - love it.

It's huge, and I mean HUGE. Instead of hiring a driver, we rented bikes and took to the roads. Honestly, there were times I regretted it, for example after cycling for like 10 hours and then seeing people in tuk-tuks cruising by. But it was awesome, and bike again we shall tomorrow.

Met a new friend on the way and are heading out to have dinner and drinks with her.

I don't think I've ever cycled so far in my life. We cycled almost all the way to the airport and sat down in a field to watch the sunset.


and 4 hours later I'm back - through no will of my own.
the atmosphere was good, the music was awesome, I was just loving it.

But, more responsible travelmates remind me that we have a long day tomorrow.
I really wanted to stay at Angkor What?, a bar whose slogan is Promoting Irresponsible Drinking Since 1998. But alas, the walk to the guest house is dark and experience has taught me better than to risk it alone.

Tomorrow we embark on a 37km ride - there and back, which makes it a cycling journey of at least 74km. With bated breath, I hope we make it. It was hard enough today!


  1. wow!!! I also want. really great pictures girlie.