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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Had a nice night out with Toby last night - we went to riverside, had dinner at Chiang Mai Thai Restaurant, then headed to the superglam FCC (Foreign Correspondents Club)where he bought me one drink (all we could afford, it's more than twice the price of other places, though still less than half what I would pay in Singapore!) and enjoyed the breeze and the view, and then to a cool place, Garden Bar in the Shade for 70c beer - that's how we roll.

We got all dresed up and everything - he wore jeans and tossed the glasses for lenses, and I shaved my legs and wore a nice skirt. Exciting times indeed!

The other night was also a glam night out at Pontoon, where Francis, Toby and I formed a nice pantone of black to white. hehe. But, of course, I'm too cheap to buy anything there.

At Pontoon:

Black to white:

The most beautiful sunset yet:

On a bike to Riverside, here they come!


Pouty people:

I'm an emo kid, non-conformist as can be, you'd be non-conformist too if you looked just like me:

An ex-goth boy:

Finally see 'em smile:


  1. w0w...70c a beer?! I need a place like that here in NY.

  2. Nice pictures girlie. You look really great.