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Friday, July 24, 2009

'Cher, please

I have discovered that it isn't only Singaporean kids who call their teachers 'cher.
Cambodian kids do it too, except it's a lot more endearing coming from them.

Yesterday I taught my first class, exciting stuff indeed.
We taught them about places, like museum, swimming pool, amusement park, etc.
And Toby (aussie guy) and I felt really sad as we know they don't have any idea what these things are, and maybe never will.

But it's nice as well - why swim in a pool when you have a lake?
Why go to a museum when everyone around you who's over 40 IS history?
And amusement parks are nothing as compared to playing football in the rain.

Went out last night to a place called Do It All Bar and had to take care of my friend's drunk french friend who was about to fight with a local guy - not very wise. Why on earth a foreigner thinks he could out-do a local street thug and his boys is really beyond me, no matter how drunk you are. Bad news is the french guy stays in the area - they'll remember his face for sure. =(

Kids collecting rain water

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