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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Road Less Travelled

Have been meeting SO many wonderful people lately.
Yesterday was a good day at school, these kids are really growing on me.
Loving the people I'm working with too - Toby from Aussie, Jennifer the Jersey girl and Francis from Sierra Lone.

After school yesterday we all headed to my guest house for the sunset which was lovely, then to Meta Cafe, run by the German Embassy, which shows free movies every night. Watched Rescue Dawn, a nice Christian Bale flick about the Vietnam War. After that headed to a local place for drinks and tapas and then to Memphis Bar which had a good live band and then heart of darkness - not my favourite place but seems to be becoming more frequent.

Hung out with a very international group - One from South Africa, one from North Africa, 2 from the US, one from Singapore (me), one from Ireland, one from Aussie, one from Italy and 3 from Spain. Good times indeed. They made me speak Malay which I very reluctantly did (I'm so bad at it, especially with an audience).

Everyone's very impressed with my bargaining skills - I got 5 of us from Lakeside to Riverside on a tuk-tuk for $2. Impressive, eh? (You'd normally pay about $5).

Me & my lakeside

Toby meditating

Sothea and I at Same Same

Just another happy same same day =)

The family of Same Same celebrating the day with some traditional Khmer dancing, which I tried, and failed, to learn.

A handmade raft

Partying at heart of darkness (That's Oirish Roy, Kate from the US, me and local boy whose name I can't recall =( )

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