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Friday, July 17, 2009

So many boys, so little time

Went to a fancy bar last night - Elephant Bar at the Raffles Hotel le Royal of Cambodia - with Billy and James, 2 english boys staying at my guest house. They have Singapore Sling and everything. Happy hour so cocktails were $3.50, so we went in pretending to be guests and sat in this most glamorous bar. Little did they know we put up at a $3 wooden hut!

After that Tom picked me up for dinner and we had a $5 tower of beer - he was amazed at how much we'd pay for that in Singapore. Everyone tells me how lucky I am to come from Singapore - and for the greater part I definitely agree. But when I see how happy simple things make these people, how they're not driven by money or power, how their families are so close and warm (mine is too but many aren't) I wonder if we really are all that lucky.

I wouldn't mind exchanging a stressful, privileged life for a simple, happy one. Like how I had so much more fun out with Tom than I did at Elephant Bar. The glam factor is cool for a while but I'd rather put my feet up and have cheap beer than sit around with cocktails and cigars. Especially when you're most aware of the poverty that happens just outside the walls you're in.


  1. Oh, so that's Tom....Hehehehe :)
    No lah, I"m just teasing <3

  2. oooooohhhhhh......TOM.

    hee. the boy with the speccies is cute!!!