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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Into Tubingville

So today I leave from Vientiene to Vang Vieng. It's been good but oh so expensive (compared to what I'm used to in Cambodia). Been here 3 nights - was supposed to be 2 but extended another to see more of this charming but not too exciting capital. had to see enough to write my article anyway.

Yesterday we went to all the national monuments, some really nice temples and pictures are on the way. Had a really long day getting everywhere by bike (cheapest way, $1.25/day) but it was good. Ended the day at a glam hotel swimming in their very awesome pool. It's REALLY hot here. And no rain!

The day before went to a vegetarian buffet for lunch, all you can eat for $2, which was pretty awesome. Went bowling at night and made friends with some Lao people - very cool. Have also been checking out the nightlife here and found some cool places. There's one called Future, and it's no Zouk but seems to be a place to be here. Then there's also Music House which is just round the corner from my guest house - live music every night.

Last night was Lunar 36 - best so far. Decent music and while the drinks were expensive, the crowd was good.

Random story: Spent the weekend getting from Don Det to Vientiene and most of saturday was on Don Det where there isn't so much as an ATM, and then a sleeper but from evening till Sunday morning - so no church for me. And then when we reached Pakse, where we'd have a few hours to kill while waiting for the sleeper bus, the bus went by a church and on it was the Sacred Heart image. So in my few hours there I made my way to the church and did the readings. Nice Surprise to find it and a very pretty church, yay =)

Sunset at a rooftop bar while waiting for the bus from Border to Don Det:



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