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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kids of SCAO

So I've been teaching English at the Save Poor Children in Asia Organization (SCAO) and it isn't always easy but it's good fun for the most part.

Yesterday I taught them words like old, older, oldest and thin, thinner, thinnest. They have trouble with 'th' so spent half an hour trying to get them to stick their tongues out in the right way. Trouble is some of the girls won't do it, perhaps they think it's rude or something.

And then last night I helped Srey Lat, who has a sponsor and studies in high school and teaches the 6pm class, to transcribe Rise and Fall, Craig David featuring Sting. Needless to say I have it stuck in my head now.

Helped Toby with the 8am class and now back to school for my 2pm class!
It always starts with the kids standing up and screaming, as loud as they can, HELLO TEACHER HOW ARE YOU! Adorable little things they are.

The girls playing with a rope made out of rubber bands, do you remember the time??

The boys playing football:

Climbing trees =)

Many monkeys in this school:

My favourite picture which Toby put perfectly: Tola, the Asian Fonz.

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  1. so lovely to see the children so content. It must be very satisfying to be a part of their world.I am so proud of you and so happy for you my girlie.