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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Say Sushi!

Yesterday, another day off school, Toby and I rented a bike again and headed to the Russian Market - I bought a new pair of flip-flops (or thongs as he would say) and they're black, velvet and a grand total of $2. I swear, I'm turning into a local.

Showed them to Tom this morning, he has the same ones (which is where I saw them and wanted them) and he paid $3 for it, hehehe.

Went to the no-tourists chill out place by the river again and had cheap food and drinks while lazing about in hammocks. The life!

Saturday night we went out for sushi (my most expensive meal yet, $15 each) and it was wonderful.

Lazy day:


You can never have too much Japanese:


  1. never mind the hammock and the sushi, my list of queries is getting longer.(re last pic... Hold that thought, I'm coming already!

  2. Hahaha.... Mom has questions.(must be about the male) =D
    Sushi looks great and you look happy.
    Oh yea. I agree 100% You can never have to much Japanese. Especially if she is cute. LOL

  3. HAHAHA nice one on too much Japanese.