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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vang Vieng - I Likeeee

So I can see why people get stuck in Vang Vieng (the way I got stuck in Phnom Penh). It's really so much fun - every day, everyone just goes tubing, stopping at bars along the way. Yesterday was my first time and it was awesome.

Didn't bring camera so no pictures (I was sure it would get lost/ruined) but might bring it today in a waterproof bag.

In the backpacker's area everyone just sits around watching endless reruns of Friends and Family Guy - which I haven't yet done for fear of never leaving the couch.

Will stay here another 2 nights (was supposed to be 2, and then 3, and now 4) before heading back to Vientiane, then to Bangkok, then home.

won't be long now =)

Spectacular view of mountains from my guest house:

This is what happens when you put a candle next to a BeerLao bottle. heh.

this picture I like:

branded by Q bar with spray paint while tubing:


  1. rettaaaaaaa......i'm coming to see you in 3 days!!!!!!!!

  2. my girlies, together at last!!!!! I cant wait.

    Retty retta... you like pic, i also like. Both your eyes so intense!