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Friday, October 30, 2009

four more sleeps!

Four more sleeps till I get to Brissie.
Can't Hardly Wait! (I miss that movie and need to watch it again.)

I've got us tickets to go see the Buzzcockz, adding to my list of bands from years past that I have the privilege of seeing live. Punk bands. First wave even!

I also got the most wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday. JB Hi Fi you are MINE.

While patiently waiting for time to pass, I have discovered a site that lists cool indie places to go to in Brisbane. Record stores, underground pubs that play classic punk tunes and new indie music till 5am, sounds like a plan to me.

Tomorrow's my last day freelancing and then I get PAID.

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  1. Your going to have so much fun, I know it!!
    And then there are RECORDS!!!! =D