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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

half a cold pizza, half-opened eyes

I'm tired.
I really am.

Perhaps the difference is (between now and previous, more tiring days) might be the copious amounts of red bull I used to consume. Possibly a habit I should go back to.

It's interesting how if you make a decision that you're going to have a good day, and you stick to that plan, nothing really can interfere with that. Of course I mean that in terms of general annoyances and disappointments, not unforeseen tragedies or anything like that.

But I do like working at Food #03 - so many interesting people. Yesterday I met the person I bought the abolish death penalty shirts from, the other day I met a psychologist who could tell after a few minutes that I was a younger child, the week before I met a part-time chef+jazz vocalist+tap dancer. Very interesting indeed. And in the weeks I've been there, not a single difficult customer. yay.

The only downside is that it's along a rather red area of Rowell Road where it has become the norm to be walking in broad daylight and getting asked, how much? But you get used to it, so it doesn't really bother me anymore.

Seems wherever I work this sort of thing takes place. First it was Hindoo Road, then it was the dubious-after-dark area of Jalan Besar - and now this.

If ever you're feeling unwanted (if you're a girl, or a very pretty boy) just come visit me at work.

so you play where you want to play
on the main streets where the creeps all pray
and you can feel like you're in dynasty
and you can be what you want to be

and the morning is for you
and the air is free
and the birds sing for you
and your positivity

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