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Monday, October 12, 2009

learn something new every day

So I've been working lots and lots at Food #03, really fun place to work as I just spend all day serving vego food, talking to interesting people like psychologists, artists, writers, wanderers, etc. Except for today when I had to de-grease the stove. But anyway.

I'm saving up to go to Brisbane next month - the funds are being collected on a daily basis in two buckets that I stole from Vang Vieng, now christened Brissie Buckets. They're filling up well, yay!

Working lots means I'm missing out on some things, like dinner at the Lagoon or playing gin at home, but in the long run it's all good.

Met up with the girls on Friday night, went for free lychee martinis at Pan Pac's Stereolounge, pretty awesome stuff. Fifi asked me to sum up my travels in 3 words and they were: Forget your expectations.

I said them without much thought but the more I think of it the more true I realise it is. Nothing I had planned on my travels happened the way I thought it would. Things I wanted to happen didn't; things I didn't expect did, mostly to my delight. London and a certain boy respectively.

Another good convo I had was with Rai, a girl I work with at the cafe - she asked whether I was pro-life or pro-choice (as I had just returned from an anti death penalty forum) and I told her, both. One might argue that you can't be both, but I say you most certainly can.

Personally (and mum would say, "make sure you say by-the-grace-of-God =)") I'd like to think I could never, and of course would never want to, even consider it. So that's pro-life. In the bigger picture, I think every girl must have the right to make that decision for herself. So that's pro-choice.

Simple, yes?

Also I'm reading The Satanic Verses and I think it's gonna take a long, long time.

If she is electric,
can I be electric too?

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