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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So the past few days have been spent up northern NSW, Toby's sister-in-law's birthday which had the theme Weapon of Choice.

Toby went as Christopher Walken (think Fatboy Slim) and I went as a peace-loving hippie. whenever someone asked what weapon I was, I'd say, I don't believe in weapons, and give them a flower.

Met the parents, went pretty well (I think). Cooked them dinner and all.
Also got on well with his niece and nephews, Miles, Josef and Mina, who are adorable.

We also headed up to Byron Bay which is gorgeous.

Tomorrow we see the Buzzcocks!

Mina showing off her jellyfish ring and bracelet.

Byron Bay

Mr. Walken and I

Toby's dad and I working the bbq.

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