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Friday, November 6, 2009

made it :D

So I've been in Brisbane for 2 days and some, I do really like it here. Indie coffee joints and record stores and 2nd hand bookshops and lots of lovely things.

Weather's a bit hotter than I was hoping for but the nights are cool so it's all good.

Have been exploring a bit and chilling out and tomorrow we shall see a cool punk band called the Hard-Ons (hehe) and on Saturday we shall see Butterfingers. Yay!

Feels like the boy and I never really parted - was all exciting at first but now feels back to normal, like nothing's changed.

Met Yi Han too and we had a nice reunion at The Music Kafe.

I love all the places to hang out here.


And already I have spent half of one gift card at JB Hi-Fi.