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Thursday, November 12, 2009

most amazing story. ever.

So last night Toby and I had plans to attend a comedy debate between Engineers and Lawyers (who would survive when stuck on an island) and his brother was the emcee.

I didn't know that it was a rather posh event and went in my dirty pink all stars, leggings, schoolgirl plaid skirt and Never Mind the Bollocks tee. And was denied entry.

So we set out to find a shop that was still open hoping to buy a new dress for cheap, but no luck.

Then we found this one shop and I said, THIS is it! We went in and I started looking for something to wear while Toby explained the situation to the girl running the shop.

She then offered me her own pair of shoes (same size exactly) and started letting me try on lots of dresses. They were all things I'd never wear (bubble skirts and the like) and she finally found one that had me written all over it. It cost $120 bucks and she let me borrow it, and her shoes, for the night. With nothing to ensure I'd come back but a t-shirt and some old sneakers.

I was overcome, I really was, and she told me she'd had a feeling something special would happen the whole day and was waiting for something to happen, and once she heard my story she knew this was it - maybe just like how I knew THIS was the shop that would save me.

So I agreed to bring the dress back the next day and went on my merry way.

Seriously so awesome I could've just cried at the niceness of it all. Today I went back and we had a nice chat and are going to be facebook friends. I thanked her repeatedly and she credited it to both our energies meeting at a specific point that brought our paths together and made all this happen.

She really like my namecard too and told me I was amazing.

No, Rita, YOU'RE amazing. you really are.

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  1. Yeay GIG... let me spell that out, God is Good!!!