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Sunday, December 20, 2009

busy bee chickadee

So I've been crazy busy with various freelance jobs. It's good coz it's something of great interest to me. And I can write and get paid lots of money for it.

Unfortunately the money has yet to come in so I'm still in debt for concert tickets and have not bought any christmas prezzies! But that will all change soon.

Yesterday was quite a day - Started off working on an article all morning. Then I had to review a play, and had an adventure just getting there. It was raining heavily so I called a cab, got there with 30 minutes to spare and was rather pleased. Turns out, I was at the wrong place as I confused where the rehearsals and previews were with the location of the actual play. And after wandering around for twenty minutes, exploring and taking my own sweet time, I realise I'm at the wrong place. It's pouring cats and dogs and I have 10 minutes to get a cab, get from Tanjong Pagar to Armenian Street, sort my complimentary ticket out and catch the show.

So after 3 minutes of running around wildly trying to get a cab (in the pouring rain) I get one. And it goes like this:

Substation Theatre please, and hurry!
eh? Substation?
Oh God. Of ALL the cab drivers in the world.
Yes, Armenian Street.
Armenian street?
kill me now.
City Hall. Just go to City Hall.
City Hall?
*getting ready to slit my wrists*

So we get there eventually, getting stopped at every SINGLE red light in the world. and I rush off leaving him an undeserved tip seconds before the doors close. And the world's all good again.

Play was awesome, so glad I didn't miss it.
Then rushed to a meeting to formalise a Free Burma campaign in Singapore ('bout time) and only at 9pm realised I hadn't eaten for the whole day.

And that was the adventure that was yesterday.

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