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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh Pretty Prince of Prezzies

So Christmas has more or less calmed down - it's always a mad rush around here.
Am cooking up a vego feast for us tonight, my cousin from Perth is here and she's the one who gave me my most cherished vegan cookbook, so it's only fair I show her the yummy things it leads to.

Have been meaning to post some of my fav gifts, here they are =)

Watch I've been eyeing, from mum and dad!

Badass pocket mirror from my aunt =D

Madness Hamsters from Craig! This Edward Monkton gem used to be my wallpaper.

And then, I wake up one morning to a parcel waiting for me - it's a collection of the most awesome (and HUGE - where will I find space on my poster-filled walls?) posters the boy sent from Brisbane. A belated birthday present; good things come to those who wait. =)

Rotten! Back when he was still rotten.


Have I mentioned how much I love Joy Division?

I really love Joy Division.

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