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Monday, January 25, 2010

And she knew it would be good.

Met Krystle for dinner and hung out at the Esplanade for a while. There was a dreadful Abba cover band that I tried my best not to listen to. Not just because it was Abba - they were... not so hot.

We spent some time in the Library@Esplanade, I do love the place. It has a cosy feel most of the other libraries lack. And I'm glad I've paid my exorbitant library fees (almost $80) because it's awesome to be able to pick up books and movies for free. It feels, in some small way, that I'm getting my literary entitlement as a citizen now - though where my $80 has gone, who can say?

I was in the mood for some local movies - the NLB project I'm working on has made me realise how much of the local arts I've missed out on by not being born back in the day. So, to compensate being short-changed by means of birth in the wrong decade, I got the award-winning 12 Storeys (1997), which was also the first Singaporean film to be shown at Cannes. Saw it years ago but I'm sure I'll appreciate it more now.

I also got Alternative Voices which contains Mother by Royston Tan, Exodus by Sherman Ong and Katong Fugue by Boo Junfeng (adapted from Alfian Sa'at's Landmarks: Asian Boys Vol. 2).

It's not quite the same as rioting and rock & roll in the 60s, but it'll do. Can't wait to watch 'em.


  1. My god...$80?! How many yrs didnt u return the books? :)

    Oooo I wanna watch Katong Fugue now since it's Alfian Saát.


  2. Haha, It was for less than a year but it was 3 books, and after a certain time they'll be classified as lost. So I had to pay late fees for all 3, plus the cost of the books which were 'lost'. They're not lost, though, they're right here on my shelf.

    And check out Library@Esplanade in a week or so for Alternative Voices =)