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Thursday, January 28, 2010

an odd(fellows) day

So I spent the day at library @ esplanade again, my new fav. place. I'm now at a cafe in the library, with free wireless, a powerpoint thingy to charge my laptop, reasonably priced drinks and a rather lovely view of the city skyline as the sun sets and the lights come on. Me likes.

There was a exhibition going on in the library, about music in Singapore from the 60s till today. This was of great interest to me as it's exactly what I'm writing about. So I spent a couple of hours listening to some local music with their slightly impressive lot of CDs. First pick was The Oddfellows - was rather pleased with myself because after a few songs I thought, Buzzcocks. Violent Femmes! And both are high on their lists of influences on Myspace. If you're gonna give them a listen I'd go for Lost My Head or Foggy Daylight. I listened to the whole album from start to finish, and it was a pleasure. It really was.

I'm hoping I get to write about them later on for the project I'm working on; I'll suggest them to be included anyway. An interview would be awesome. Found a Quests double disc compilation, SO sixties, I love it!

Oops the cafe's closing.

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