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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Okay so I had a pretty awesome night out with Sheelz, Shaun, Arman and Redz. Vego dinner with Shila at Bugis before heading home, I mean, to Timbre, for some beer to the sounds of Jack & Rai and EIC. We stayed till they closed as Redz and I are reckless freelancers, Shila doesn't have school tomorrow and Arman starts work next week and Shaun's off tomorrow I think.


I came home to discover the MOST ANNOYING GROUP IN THE WORLD on facebook.

It's called $1mil out of ur expansion fund for Haiti? City Harvest n New Creation pls?

First of all, if you'd like to create a group about something you perceive to be serious, pls sp3|| out ur wordZ, thx.

The group is basically trying to rally people together and appeal to rich churches to donate to Haiti. More specifically, City Harvest church which has a $310 million expansion plan. All the group wants is $1 million for Haiti, because that's what God would want them to do, and the churches can then set up in Haiti and start converting people there.

And the discussions on the wall contain arguments about how everyone should donate, but Christians more so than anyone else because of the calling to love thy neighbour.

Everyone's quoting from the bible and everything and the thing that came to mind for me was Jesus' preference for humble acts of goodwill as opposed to donating and making sure everyone knows about it. Uncertainty on whether these churches have donated or not are even stated in the group's info page.

If people have an issue with how much is/isn't being donated, take it up with the cheap bastards. Not private organisations who are not answerable or accountable to society.

I was about to join the group and say something, and then I was about to post on my wall, but decided to seek asylum here instead.

Mad, mad world.

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  1. well the 'cheap bastards' are not accountable to a society that they do not govern either, so why should they contribute to Haiti any more than a multi-millionaire religious organisation?