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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yeah Yeah Green Day Yeah!

So Tuesday was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs - awesome. Too awesome, really.
Karen O was everything I thought she would be and more. I've never really wanted to BE anyone else, but if I did, it would be her.

They played almost all my favourite songs and despite how far we were from the stage (2 floors up! =( ) it was extremely overwhelming. This makes YYYs the 3rd in my list of gigs I've cried at - the other 2 being David Byrne (never thought I'd see a Talking Head) and Sex Pistols (my magical eyes made me see Johnny Rotten as he was 30 years ago).

I wish the crowd had been a bit quieter during Maps but it was one of the best gigs ever. You're something like a phenomena, Karen, something like a phenomena. <3

Tonight, in just a few hours, is Green Day!
Can't say how psyched I am for this.
My friend Ben did some research and posted on fb what he predicts the entire setlist, including 2 encores, will be. Sounds awesome.

He also met Billie Joe at the airport and got a picture and an album (Dookie, even) signed. Billie looks nice. And I feel all jittery like I'm going on a first date.

4 hours to go!

Getting ready for YYY action!

Zatty and meee.

Karen O loves everyone and everyone loves her too.

A very cool hat.

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