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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bellamy > Flowers

Just got back from the Muse gig. If the Killers hadn't cancelled, I'd have missed this. So thanks, Brandon.

Rise Against was really good, plus I like them because they're all vegan. Vegan punks ftw =)

And then there was Muse. Matt Bellamy was insane on the piano - I can't help but fall deeply in love, respect and admiration for rock stars who play the piano. And he played it REALLY well.
Matt is excessively cool and talented.

The show started, as I knew it would from my extensive research, with Uprising, a phenomenal song from their latest album, The Resistance. It's a killer song and one hell of an opener. And of course I love every opportunity I get to shout Oi! Oi! Oi! with a massive crowd.

We ditched our faraway seats and stole a spot which was as close we could get without rappelling into the moshpit beneath us (couldn't find any rope). I was loving the irony of the Indoor Stadium crew repeatedly telling Shila and I to return to our seats - we had $98 tickets but eventually secured a better spot than the $128 ones - while Muse played Uprising (They will not force us, They will not control us!).

One sorrowful girl was later heard reporting to her manager or whatever, saying how she TRIED to tell us SO many times but we REFUSED to move. Yes, indeed. (If you ignore them they eventually go away.)

Light displays were zomg awesomeness, I felt like a child watching fireworks for the first time. Plus we had a perfect view after said seat-abandonment took place.

Supermassive Black Hole was a gem, Hysteria was right up there with it. Besides the obvious favourites, I LOVED Unnatural Selection:

I'm hungry for some unrest
Well let's push it beyond the peaceful protest
I wanna speak in a language
that you will understand

Counter balance this commotion
We're not droplets in the ocean.

I wish it had gone on for longer, and I wish they'd sung for absolution.
But other than that?

Electrifying, hair-raising and entirely epic.

Thank you, Muse, you have no idea. And just when I needed it most.

Beer at Brewerkz Before Bellamy.

I <3

Amazing, no?

Giant balloons with confetti!

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  1. I am not into those bands but happy you enjoyed yourself. =)