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Monday, February 22, 2010

Day #2 - upRising

Had so much to blog about but I'm so tired.

Some really good conversations today. About pointless religious conflicts, democracy or the lack thereof, extremists, fundamentalists and lots more.

We had an activity about identities, where you had to form groups according to things you identify with. Started off easy with who is single/married (which a coursemate rephrased as "happy/unhappy" hehe), which region you're from (I was with Cambodia, Indonesia, Burma) and progressed to heavier topics such as, whose country is experiencing armed or violent conflict right now? I was very much saddened that I was one of 7 who did not identify with that. There are now about 30 of us.

A girl from Nepal told me about how she got married last week - it was an arranged marriage by her parents where after approving a picture, she met this stranger twice. 10 days later they were married ("he seems like a good man"). The next day she left for this course. I asked her, in nicer words, whoa, wtf? And she said it's best for girls to get married before 25, but she's already 28. I was asked if I could choose who I wanted to marry. Besides the obvious, I thought it sad that whether or not I want to get married in the first place was not an issue.

I try, you know, I try not to judge and mentally smack the heads of other people's cultures but seriously. sigh.

We had to introduce ourselves with our name/nickname and an adjective. As I was 2nd to go, I said the first thing that came to my head -- restless. Travel, trying to change things, always doing 5000 things at once, etc. So I was introduced by the organisers as Restless Rett (and occasionally reckless, I added).

So now restless reckless rett has to retire to recuperate with (hopefully) non Rapid Eye Movement sleep before rising with a reactivated mind, really ready for reality.


  1. I am so proud of you my restless, reckless, reactivated Rett.

  2. a million points for alliteration.

    but you forgot resplendent, radical, radiant and rightfully respected.

    miss you, my ridiculous Resta! return rapidly!


    xx - malp

  3. =) =) =)

    regarding the replies: really rad to read!